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9 Super Dogs in The History of Mankind And Their Individual Achievements

Aside from detecting cancer and taking their owners to the doctor, dogs have contributed a great deal to mankind and his existence. Here is a brief description of 9 super canines and their remarkable stories dating back in time:-

Super Dog 1: Barry.

St Bernard lived in a monastery from 1800 to 1810. This dog saved many lives on the dangerous pass between Swiss-Italian border. This pass took people to over 8000 feet above sea level causing all sorts of problems.

Super Dog 2: Stubby in 1918.

Stubby was the most decorated hero in US military history. And rightly so because this pit bull terrier played as important a role in the war as any other soldier did if not better. This canine went along with the American soldiers on 17 different battles which in itself is a remarkable achievement. This dog operated in extreme conditions to locate wounded American soldiers so that they can be helped and rescued to safe places.

Super Dog 3: Togo

In 1925, this Siberian husky must have broken the land speed record because Togo travelled nearly 130 miles day. The total journey time was 5.5 days covering a distance of nearly 700 miles. Add to that the Alaskan snow and the whole journey looks virtually impossible. But, Togo made it to his intended destination and delivered its cargo of medicine. Guess what the cargo was? It was serum to prevent an epidemic of diphtheria and Togo did indeed prevent the spread of diphtheria.

Super Dog 4: Rin Tin Tin.

Rin Tin Tin was a famous movie star in his short life from 1918 to 1932. Rin Tin Tin had his own limousine to take him about. Add to that, a personal chef for Rin Tin Tin to accompany him on his travels and to organise his meals. Rin Tin Tin is rumoured to have passed away in the arms of the actress Jean Harlow. Way to go Rin Tin Tin.

Super Dog 5: Rob.

This “Collie” ran very dangerous missions during the 40s or around the time of the second world war. He would go behind enemy lines using parachute. He would the army personnel get a good night sleep by standing guard in their place.

Super Dog 6: Laika

Laika became world famous for its travels. This was the first non human to travel round the world. Laika travelled in the Russain spaceship sputnik 2 and had its names added to the history. Unfortunately, she only lived for a few hours so Laika’s fame was short lived.

Super Dog 7: Roselle

Roselle led her blind owner to safety. This is a recent story and relates to the 9/11 incident in twin tower New York. Roselle; a Labrador, not only guided its owner down the 78 story building but also helped him to safety by taking his owner to a friends house.

Super Dog 8. Endal.

A wheel chair bound man was knocked out of his chair and became unconscious. This Labrador moved the man into recovery position, covered him with a blanket and finally moved a mobile phone near the man so that he could call for help. Endal by his quick thinking saved this man’s life.

Super Dog 9: Orca

Orca saved lives of children. A group of children went missing on a mountain excursion in South Africa. This Alsation helped the rescuer find so that they could be brought to safety. Fortunately, all the children were rescued to safety thanks to the efforts of Orca.

Finally, dogs have made an invaluable contribution to mankind recently in tackling life threatening medical conditions by making diagnosis. Dogs will continue to amaze me by their valuable input for years to come.

Dog is man's best friend in more ways than we even know says Nazir.

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