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5 Secret Tibetan Exercises

To Tone Your Muscles And Gain Energy

The Five Tibetan Rites truly are amazing and the more people who know about them the better!

Personally I've been doing the Five Tibetan Exercises for two years and they're dynamic. It's so true that we can get back the metabolism we had at twenty-five. After just a few weeks of doing the 5 Tibetan Rites [and nothing else different] my weight returned to what it had been when I was that age [over twenty years ago!].

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Let's hear from Colonel Bradford, the Englishman who was taught the Five Tibetan Rites by the Tibetan monks:

"For the first two weeks after I arrived at the Tibetan monastery," said the Colonel, "I was like a fish out of water. I marveled at everything I saw, and at times could hardly believe what my eyes beheld. I soon felt much better, was sleeping like a top every night, and only used my cane when hiking in the mountains.

"A month after I arrived I received the biggest surprise of my life. In fact, I was quite startled. It was the day I entered for the first time, a large, well-ordered room which was used as a kind of library for ancient manuscripts. At one end of the room was a full-length mirror. It had been over two years since I had last seen my reflection so with great curiosity I stepped in front of the glass.

"I stared in amazement, so changed was my appearance. It seemed that I had dropped 15 years from my age. It was my first intimation that I was growing younger; but from then on I changed so rapidly that it was apparent to all who knew me. Soon the honorary title of The Ancient One was heard no more."

With The Five Rites, you can tone your body while actually having fun with exercise! Practicing the Five Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites isn't the same thing as jogging five miles every morning -- no question about that. You see, unlike jogging, when you do the rites,

You don't have to set aside 30-60 minutes every day

You don't have to suffer with sore muscles

You don't have to purchase expensive equipment

You don't even have to work up a drippy sweat

Instead, you work at a gentle pace that fits your current shape and gradually build up to doing 21 repetitions of each of The 5 Tibetan Exercises every day.

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