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Gay dating has been scrutinized for many years, and in history it has been known that men who were openly gay were not only abused but some were even killed. Gay dating has been a controversy for many, many years but as of lately people have come to realise that there is nothing wrong with gay dating. Gay men are as natural as a straight couple. There is no difference, they love each other the same, the commitment issues are still the same and the only thing different is that they are of the same sex.

Gay men are everywhere; they can be your next door neighbour or the admin guy at your work. They are the same as any other person and should not be criticised just because of their sexual nature. In today's world we can land on the moon, we can trace people back to the dawn of time and we can tell who someone is from a tiny spot of blood so why is their still prejudice towards gay couples?

However, recent changes in law and governments have shows that the prejudice towards gay people is receding, and about time too. New laws in the United Kingdom have allowed gay couples tobe married, known as a civil partnership, following in the steps of other countries such as Canada, Netherlands and Spain.

Gay dating has come a long way from its dark history. People are now openly gay and it's not just people like you and me, Elton John is openly gay and has just been through a civil partnership to his partner in full view of the media. Gay exposure does wonders for the cause. It opens up the world in a new light to others to let them see that there is nothing wrong with a gay couple. That they live normal day to day lives and feel the same as every other couple does. People have only now just started to realize life is no longer greener on the other side! They realize there is online gay club, gay personals, lesbian dating at where they can be themselves.

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