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Copy any DVD, CD, VHS or Game

DVDx is a program designed to let people make backups of their DVDs onto computer or CD. In order to streamline the process, we've provided a step-by-step guide to configuration and use of the program.

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How many blank CDs are required to back up one DVD?

Most shorter features will only need one CD. As a general rule, most CDs will store about 80 minutes of video, depending on the quality of the CD. (CD brands will vary between storing 650 MB and 750 MB, with some examples going up to 800 MB.) Longer features might need two CDs. It's very rare that a single feature is so long that it requires more than two CDs to archive.

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Minimum System Requirements:

# OS: Windows XP/2000/ME/98
# Processor (CPU): Pentium II 300 MMX, or equivalent
# Memory (RAM): 64 MB
# Hard Drive: 4 GB minimum, 10 GB recommended
# CD Writer
# Computer DVD player drive
# Blank CD Media

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Rip your DVD's

* Copy DVD's to Blank CD-R Discs
* Copy DVD Movies to Blank DVD Discs
* Copy Video Files to CD-R or DVD-R Discs and Play Them in Your DVD Player
* Defeat all known forms of DVD Encryption
* Backup Your Movie and Episode DVD's
* Free Updates For Life
* Simple, Easy to Use Software, and Guide
* Unbeatable Customer Support
* Never Worry About Scratched DVD's Again!

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Rip you DVD's

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