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Importing From China


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How to import from China

Importing From China

Advances in technologies benefitting commerce (broadband internet, manufacturing processes, freight forwarding) and China's shift towards a western, capitalistic-style economy have opened the doors to the small business person. These events have leveled the playing field, and as a result, more and more entrepreneurs are finding ways to make $$millions of dollars a year importing low-cost goods from China and selling them for maximum profit!

China presents a huge opportunity. Please do not be intimidated by China. You have all along been using products made in China now it is time you made use of China. Would you like to start /expand your business and be a part of the U.S.$1200 Billion retailing business?

Importing From China

Importing From China

The steps to importing goods from China are pretty similar to those you take when buying a new car, with a few added steps. Let's say you've done your homework and concluded that there is a market for mini-scooters. Here is what you will need to do to import 100 mini-scooters:

1. Find several manufacturers and select one you can trust

2. Make the details of your order very clear to the supplier (color, style, quantity, etc.)

3. Request a quote from your supplier and negotiate the price for your order

4. Locate a shipping company (freight forwarder) to transport your order to the U.S.

5. Clear your order through U.S. customs (pay the import taxes)

6. Pick up your shipment; make sure it's what you ordered

7. Sell and make money!

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Importing From China

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