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Create Local Apps

Create Local Apps

In the past 30 days... a new type of "job" was just created. It's called a "Local App Broker" and it's already making some people $1k per hour!

Let me explain.

Step #1 - you create a KILLER app for a local business.(don't worry - the software they use to make these apps takes LESS THAN an hour and require NO SKILLS).

Step #2 - you sell that app to a local business owner for $1k (or more...)

Step #3 - you pocket 100% of the money.

Want to learn how to get started, and where to find the business owners who ALREADY want your app?
Check out this video here:
Create Local Apps

P.S. Oh ya, on this video they'll show you how to get the app building software too... that way you can start doing this TODAY!

Become a Local App Broker

What are the 3 magic words that will have 26 million local businesses weak at the knees...

Whipping out their checkbooks faster then you can blink and COMPETING to hire YOU...

Even if you're a total 'noob' at local marketing.

Find out here:
Create Local Apps


Create Local Apps

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